Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


Veterinary Medicine department of the Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University is one of the oldest institutions which teaches veterinary surgeons in Ukraine.

The department consists of 9 chairs, department staff totals are 77 people, including 62 PhD, 11 doctors and 3 academicians.

More than 1,200 students are trained at the department every year.

Students can receive a diploma qualification levels: bachelor, specialist and master.

The department has a good financial base, located in 3 buildings; classrooms are equipped with modern multimedia technology. The department has the hospital for farm animals, educational diagnostic laboratories for practical training of students.

Chairs have division in farms where students have their practice.

Teachers of the department perform scientific researches; the department has research laboratories for this purpose.

Department annually receives first place among the higher veterinary educational institutions of Ukraine.

The department was taken to the Department of International Education organization in 2004, at the 17th General Assembly of the European Association of veterinary educational institutions, held in. Lugo (Spain).

It is important for department to integrate European educational system that requires hard work on the curriculum. However, the department seeks to meet the international standards.

In 2014 started twinning-project between department and VetAgro-Sup (Lyon, France) with the support of the OIE.

The purpose of the department is getting European international accreditation and always improves the quality of education.

Department history begins in 1931, when as part of Bila Tserkva Zooveterinary Institute, the predecessor of the University, the Veterinary department was established

Since 1937 department trained general veterinary surgeons, to this it absorbed the Zootechnical department; the training period was increased to five and half years.

During the Second World War and the occupation, from July 1941 to January 1944's., material-technical base of the institute was almost completely destroyed.

After liberation of Bila Tserkva in 1944 the rebuilding of the Institute began. Until 1948 all departments were completely restored.

In 1980-90's was built a new building of the Veterinary Medicine Department and its equipment, the acquisition and development of new equipment to veterinary clinics and operating laboratories. Two department buildings, № 9 and 10 were commissioned in the 2000s.


Faculty deans headed:

O.N. Kowalski (1932-1934),

P.D. Rud'ko (1934-1937),

A.Z. Efimov (1937-1941),

M.M. Voskresenskyi (1944-1947)

O.N. Kowalski (1947-1950).

M.S. Krykunov (1950-1952),

S.A. Hortsevskyy (1952-1956),

A.F. Burdeynyuk (1956-1959),

M.H. Kovbasenko (1959-1965),

A.M. Zhurbenko (1965-1974).

I.M. Babak (1974-1985)

M.M. Vovchenko (1985-1987),

B.N. Yarchuk (1987-2002).

M.V. Rublenko (2002-2007),

D.V. Podvalyuk (2007- 2011),

V.I. Levchenko (2009-2010),

from July 2011 department is headed by B.P. Ivasenko.