The Department of public management, administration and international economics

The Department of public management, administration and international economics was established in 2017 as a result of the reorganization of the Department of management of foreign trade activity and European integration, which originated in 1926 from the Department of Economics and Organization of Agricultural Production.

The department is headed by Doctor of Economic sciences Tetyana Sokolska.

The basic challenge the staff faces today is to provide the public sector with highly qualified specialists at the municipal, regional, national and international levels, to create a new generation of managers possessing profound knowledge,   able of systemic and innovative thinking, who can make effective decisions, follow  principles of humanity and defend public interests.

For this purpose, our staff (professor I.Paska, associate professors: 
T. Arbuzova, M. Shpak, V.Lobunets, assistant professors O.Bilyk, S. Polischuk, L.Ivanova) are developing new curricula, writing textbooks, manuals and learner's guides for training the management elite of our state.

Scientific researches are carried out at the department considering the main directions of the state policy in the field of public management, administration and foreign economic activity.

The basic research areas are:

generalization of theoretical evidences related to the basic concepts and categories in the field of public administration;

studying and analysis of the public sector current processes: reforming and updating the civil service and local self-government bodies of Ukraine;

generalization of innovative management processes at different levels of government;

improvement of the educational process in training and retraining specialists for executive and self-governing authorities  in Ukraine.

Besides, scientists of the department are working on improving the strategy of enterprises foreign economic activity, justifying the expediency of entering external markets, conducting an assessment of the external environment of international agrarian business and analyzing its constituent elements, expanding domestic markets and using relatively free market niches.

One of the priority directions of the department's activity is involving the students in scientific work. There are students scientific study groups comprising the following areas:

1. Public management and administration

2. Innovation and investment development of organization

3. Modeling management processes in modern enterprises

The study group’s research results are reported through presenting abstracts at international conferences and discussions, writing and publication of scientific articles.