Faculty of Agro-Biotechnology


The one of the first departments at the university, which has its roots in the distant year of 1920, when field crops and gardening departments were opened in Bila Tserkva agricultural college. Specialists training at colleges used to be carried out at the level of higher education institutions. Thus, considerable attention was paid to both theoretical training and practical work of students in the educational process.  It was also owed to the fact that Alexandria urban forestry lands were transferred to the College according to the Bila Tserkva povitzemviddil. And the creation of Botany, Plant Growing, Pedology, Microscopy and Entomology classrooms in 1924 initiated the development of college scientific researches.  Educational-experimental field established in 1926 and vegetation house built a little later were of great importance. Vegetation of Bila Tserkva neighborhoods and areas of the district were examined by College teachers and students. Also there have been initiated weeds biological features accounting and studying, the mycoflora studying was begun, a large herbarium of floral and spore plants (over 5000 pieces) was collected etc.

The students’ graduation papers were of scientific and practical importance. Papers dealing with the sugar beet plants the first year development and vysadok (висадок) (second year development) are of special interest. All teachers’ and students’ research papers of 20s make up treasury of scientific achievements of the Agronomy Department institute established later.

1934 Bila Tserkva agricultural college became Agricultural Institute due to several reforms. Departments of Botany, Plant Physiology, General Agriculture, Crops Growing and others with their rich historical past along with Kyiv Agroengineering Institute of the sugar industry were transferred to newly established university.

Departments number and their material base have been changed since time of the departments establishment till the present.

At present, seven chairs comprise the department: Agrochemistry and Pedology (Chairperson - Candidate of Agricultural Sciences V.I. Kupchyk) Landscape (Chairperson - Doctor of Biological Sciences V.M. Chernyak), Forestry, Botany and Plant physiology (The head - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences A.P. Stadnik), Plant protection (Chairperson - Candidate of Agricultural Sciences O.M. Yakovenko), Crop farming (Chairperson - Higher School Academician, Professor, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences I.D. Prymak), Mechanization (Chairperson - Candidate of Agricultural Sciences M.I. Tregub); Plant growing (Chairperson - candidate of Agricultural Sciences V.S. Khakhula); Genetics Selection and Seed Production (Chairperson - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences S.P. Vasylkivsky). Scientific and Research Institute of contour landscape agriculture (Chairperson - Professor, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences I.D. Prymak) and there is a laboratory of plant biotechnology at the department.

Scientific research directions:

  • Agrochemistry and Agroecology
  • soils degradation processes monitoring  and the development of their efficient use ways
  • the impact of fertilizers on potato productivity depending on  agricultural factors
  • soil assessing and monitoring
  • studying the impact of various factors on the pests development and development scientific basis of  control beet fields phytosanitary state under new economic conditions
  • studying environmental features of harmful entomofauna population dynamics

Scientific schools:


Principal scientific researches:

  • Potato selection, seed production and cultivation technology;
  • winter wheat selection


The founder is Molotskyy Mykhailo Yakovych, Doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor, Ukrainian honoured worker of science and technology, outstanding scientist engaged in potato growing. He suggested technology of hardened planting tubers particles industrial manufacturing and potato cultivation under small planting norms. Scientist studied the causes of potato degeneration in the Steppe and the Forest Steppe of Ukraine and suggested measures to combat it; improved the technology of genetic potatoes hybridization and obtained genetic hybrids with high productivity and resistance to viral diseases; Molotskyy Mykhailo improved energy saving technology of potatoes growing in the Forest Steppe of Ukraine; designed new potatoes seed production system in Ukraine, developed and implemented scientifically based norms of  potatoes planting for the planned yield.

Molotskyy Mykhailo was a scientific supervisor of many Candidate thesis:

Publications number, total

Conferences, seminars, participating in different organizations

1. Conferencing

Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences, Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University. Industrial-Scientific Conference on the theme: "The seed potato productivity improving ways and producers’ needs supply. Bila Tserkva, 30 March 2000.

2. 18 seminars on selection, seed production and potato and winter wheat cultivation technology are held.

3. Participation in different organizations.

School development prospects

Scientific research Institutes and Laboratories

Scientific Research Institute of Landscape Agriculture

Scientific researche directions

  • mechanical tillage energy-saving technologies and rational crop rotation development for the Central Forest Steppe of Ukraine
  • development of effective combination of depth, primary tillage methods and doses of fertilizer on productivity of corn silage in single-crop sowing and in combination with soy and sunflower
  • development of effective combination of depth, the main methods of tillage and fertilization doses on performance of fodder crop rotation chain
  • changes in soil fertility and crop rotation productivity depending on the tillage systems in  the Central Forest Steppe of Ukraine


Cooperation proposals

  • soil structural state determination, available nutrient structure and content determination
  • potential and actual weed infestation determination and effecient control measures of segetal vegetation in agrophytocenoses of the Forest Steppe of Ukraine development
  • crop rotation systems and differentiated mechanical tillage in crop rotation development of the Forest Steppe of Ukraine.

Interchair Laboratory  "soil-plant-plant products"

Chairperson - Prymak Ivan Dmytrovych, Doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor

Chairperson Kupchyk Viktor Ivanovych, Candidate of agricultural Sciences, Assistant professor

Scientific research directions:

  • agrochemistry and agroecology
  • soils degradation processes monitoring  and the development of their efficient use ways
  • fertilizers impact on potato productivity depending on  agricultural factors
  • soil assessing and monitoring
  • energy-saving technologies of mechanical tillage and rational crop rotation development for the Central Forest Steppe of Ukraine

Cooperation proposals

Soil quality control, sowing diagnostics agricultural soil quality control

"Plant Biotechnology" Interchair Laboratory

Scientific researche directions:

  • determining genotype varieties for protein electrophoresis
  • plant tissue culture - microclonal reproduction of tissue culture - microclonal reproduction of virus-free material among invitro crops, cell selection
  • chromosome and genetic engineering

Cooperation proposals

The implementation of recovered mini tubers for elite potatoes growing.