Faculty of Law and Linguistics


The faculty of Law and Linguistics was established in 2014.

The Dean – Valentyna Borshchovetska, PhD in Pedagogy.

The Vice Dean for Law training area  – Iryna Yefremova, PhD in Law.

The Vice Dean for Linguistics training area – Svitlana Lobachova, senior lecturer.

Two scientific research institutes functionate at the faculty.

The Institute of Philology and Applied Linguistics is chaired by Valentyna Borshchovetska.

The Institute of Modern Public and Private Law is chaired by Iryna Yefremova.

The seven departments of the faculty carry out scientific and educational work according to modern requirements and standards.

The students participate in scientific conferences and contests of students scientific papers.

Many students areengaged in arts sports, some of them are winners of the national contests and competitions.

Foreign Languages Department

Department slavistichnoi filologii, pedagogiki that vikladannya techniques

Department of Civil Law

Department of History, State and Law Theory, and State Building

Department of Romano-Germanic Philology and Translation