Research activities


Scientific activity at the university is an integral part of it and is aimed at:

conducting research and development with the focus on creation and implementation of new competitive technologies;

application of new scientific and technical knowledge during the training of specialists, formation of modern scientific personnel potential.

Research work is carried out by scientific and pedagogical staff at all faculties, 5 research institutes, 13 scientific schools and 9 research laboratories. This makes it possible to fill curricula with innovative content and ensure the integration of the educational mission of the university with its research and consulting activities.

The research topics cover all areas of education at the university: modern agrobiotechnology, nature and environmental protection; the latest technologies for processing livestock products; biosafety, the veterinary welfare of livestock; regulation of bioresources and sustainable nature management; rationalization of social development of rural areas; economics of agro-industrial complex, legal sciences, linguistics and translation.

Training of doctors of philosophy (PhD) is carried out according to educational and scientific programs: "Economics", "Management", "Ecology", "Agronomy", "Technologies of production and processing of animal products", "Veterinary medicine", "Veterinary hygiene, sanitation and expertise".

There is a Student Scientific Society, which organizes the work of 52 scientific circles, maintains relations with scientific societies of universities in Ukraine and abroad. Annually the students present the results of scientific research at national and international conferences and competitions.