Faculty of Economics

Economic education at the university dates back to 1926, when the Department of Economics and Organization of Socialist Agriculture was established at the Bilotserkivsky Agricultural Technical College. Its first director was A.I. Mulytskyi.
In November 1992, according to the decision of the academic council, the economic department was granted the status of the economic faculty by order of the rector. The head of the department of organization and management, associate professor Vasyl Gubenko became the first dean of the Faculty of Economics. Under his leadership, a Ukrainian-Canadian center for the development of curricula and programs for colleges was created at the faculty, and a number of business partnership agreements were concluded with the Iowa State Agricultural University (USA), higher educational institutions in Canada, Germany, and other countries.
Currently, the faculty is headed by Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor I.M. Paska.
The faculty employs 10 doctors of science, 49 PhD, who provide the work of 8 departments: economics and economic theory; accounting and taxation; higher mathematics and physics; information systems and technologies; management; entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activity; public management, administration and international economy; finance, banking and insurance.
Students are educated at the bachelor's and master's educational levels in the following educational programs:
Field of knowledge "Social and behavioral sciences":
Field of knowledge "Management and administration":
"Accounting and taxation"
"Finance, banking and insurance"
"Tourism Industry Management"
"Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activity"
Field of knowledge "Public management and administration":
"Public management and administration"
The faculty has established a specialized academic council for the defense of PhD and doctoral dissertations, postgraduate and doctoral programs.