Faculty of Biotechnological


The faculty was founded in 1932. The structure of the faculty consists of 7 departments, Scientific Research Institute, basic laboratory of immunology of agricultural animals, scientific research laboratory of biochemical and histochemical methods of investigations.


Department. Technology of feed, feed additives and feeding of animals

Department. Hygiene of animals and basis of sanitation

Department. Food technologies and technologies of animal products processing

Department. Organic and biological chemistry

Department. Technology of poultry breeding and pig breeding products production

Department. Genetics, breeding and selection of animals

Department. Technology of milk and meat production  


“Technology of production and processing of animal produce”

  1. Direction of training
  • 6.090102 - “Technology of production and processing of animal produce”
  • 7.09010201 - “Technology of production and processing of animal produce”
  • 8.09010201 - “Technology of production and processing of animal produce”
  • 8.09010202 – “Feeding of animals and technology of feed”
  • 8.09010203 – “Breeding and selection”
  • 8.09010205 – “Poultry breeding”


  1. Speciality, that graduating student obtains:

Qualifying level of training “Bachelor” – technologist of animal products production and processing; 

 Qualifying level of training “Bachelor” – technician-technologist of milk and meat products production;

 Qualifying level of training “Specialist” – engineer-technologist of animal products   production and processing;

 Qualifying level of training “Master” – technologist-researcher of animal products production and processing.


  1. Term of  studying:

“Bachelor” – 4 years

“Bachelor” reduced term – 2 years

“Specialist” – 1 year

“Master” – 1,5 year  


  1. Opportunities of employment.

Technologist, foreman of milk complex.

Technologist, foreman, manager of complex.

Technologist, foreman, shift supervisor.

Foreman of production department.

Technologist, head of incubator.

Head of feed shop.

Technologist, foreman of modern pig complex.

 Feeding of animals and poultry consultant.  

Sale manager of mixed fodder and feed additives in Ukrainian and foreign companies.  


“Food technologies and engineering”

  1. Direction of training
  • 6.051701 – “Food technologies and engineering”
  1. Speciality that graduating student obtains:


 Qualifying level of training “Bachelor” – technologist of  save, conserve  and processing of animal products.


  1. Term of studying:

 Qualifying level of training “Bachelor” – 4 years

      Qualifying level of training “Bachelor” reduced term – 3 years


  1. Opportunities of employment
  • head of milk products production;
  • head of meat products production;
  • technologist of  milk products production;
  • technologist of  meat products production;
  • shift supervisor;
  • laboratory assistant of meat and milk laboratory.