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Dear BUP friends,

The summer months are approaching and we are slowly but surely preparing the closure of the academic year of2019/2020. Already now we are looking forward to the summer, with our online version of the BUP symposium as well as preparing for a fresh start in the autumn. In the meantime, we would like to present you with the latest news from our programme. Enjoy!


With best regards,

The Baltic University Programme’s coordinating secretariat

BUP secretariat news

Research Notes Letter

Three times a year the BUP publish a Research Notes Letter, with some of the latest publications, doctoral thesis and research reports, mainly from our member universities. The letter consists of abstracts sent in by the authors themselves. The Research Notes Letter is published online on our website, as well as distributed electronically to the receivers of our e-mail distributing lists. In turn, some of these recipients distribute this publication locally. Altogether, we calculate some 3000 recipients for the Research Notes Letter.

Already now you can send in your abstracts to be published – free of charge – in the next Research Notes Letter. Click the Submit bottom or follow the link below.

Find out more about the Research Notes Letter at: www.balticuniv.uu.se/bup-research/research-notes-letter/

The latest issue: Research Notes Letter 2/2020


BUP member news

Uppsala University invites you to take part in a survery

Changed circumstances for academic work

Assistant Professor Anette Oxenswärdh from Uppsala University - Campus Gotland. Invites you to answer her survey on organizational learning and how the pandemic affects our work as researchers at the universities. All answers are completely anonymous. The results of this survey are used only in the context of research.

If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact Anette Oxensvärdh

To the survey

Survey open until 10 June 2020.

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences invites partners to the project

Urgent Call for Expressions of Interest:Project "European Responses to the COVID-19 Outbreak: Addressing Behavioural, Social  and Economic Elements" (EU COVID-19 RESPONSE).

Dear Baltic Colleagues,

I am leading a proposal titled "European Responses to the COVID-19 Outbreak: Addressing Behavioural, Social  and Economic Elements" (COVID-19 RESPONSE). This is a reaction to the Call 2020 Behavioural, social and economic 
impacts of the outbreak response ID: SC1-PHE-CORONAVIRUS-2020-2C
The Funding and Tenders Portal is the single entry point (the Single Electronic Data Interchange Area) for applicants, contractors and experts in funding programmes and procurements managed by the European Commission.

This is a highy specialised call, whose requirements can only be met in such a tight deadline by a specialist team. There are very few teams in Europe who can react so quickly, and I am leading one of them.I would thus like to enquire if you could be interested to join us as a partner. All partners need to have proven expertise on public health and with a solid track of projects and publications.

It needs to be noted that the deadline for submissions of proposals is 10th June. This means that, those colleagues who may be interested, need to tell us very soon if they wish to engage.

This is our process and schedule:

  1.  Confirmation of all partners: Tuesday 26th May
  2. Allocation of tasks and budgets: 2nd June
  3. Draft 1 ready and sent to partners for comments: 5th June (here we will only send the work packages and general aspects, the Hamburg team will in the meantime produce the various tables)
  4. Final draft ready and submitted: 9th June

Please let us know if you are interested to take part. Once you confirm you are interested, we will send you the project outline and the logistical details. Thanks.


Walter Leal

Contact: Prof. Walter Leal

Regional News

The Bolmen Research Station invites researcher and students

Opportunity to do research at lake Bolmen

The Bolmen Research Station is located in Tiraholm, Sweden.The station is part of a national network of field stations, SITES, and is open to all universities and colleges that want to conduct research about or around Lake Bolmen. Here, the research focus is primarily on environmental monitoring, fish conservation and management, water conservation projects and effects of climate change on freshwater ecosystems. We welcome researchers and students from various subject areas and educational institutions.

Do you wish to know more, or are you curious about the opportunities and resources available at the Bolmen Research Station? Visit our website: www.forskningsstationbolmen.se

Email the research station: Research station Bolmen