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Dear colleagues,

The Organizing Committee of the XIII International Law Competition “Youth for Peace” invites representatives from your Universities to take part in this annual contest on international law that will be held in Minsk from September 24 to 28, 2018.

The main objective of the Competition is to involve actively young people in the political and cultural life of the society and to disseminate knowledge of international humanitarian law. For the previous 12 years of the Competition, the contest participants were representatives of more than 35 countries.

Participants can be students and master degree students under the age of 35. A team should consist of 2-3 participants. Participation of mixed teams (participants coming from several universities from one country) is also allowed. The working language of the Competition is English.

Participation is competitive. The Organizing Committee determines the order of selection of participants by the results of the preliminary round. The main selection criteria are the originality of the submitted materials, their correspondence to the Competition’s theme.

The jury of the Competition consists of a number of key international law experts from the UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Belarus.

Within the framework of the Competition the International University "MITSO" conducts a series of open lectures "Days of International Law" of key international law experts.

Applications are accepted until June 30, 2018 to an email address international@mitso.by.

We ask you to spread the information about this event among interested students and master degree students. In the attachment you can find the rules of participation, a registration card and a brief reference about the event, as well as links to the Competition page and the Organizational Committee's Facebook account.



Thank you beforehand and we will be glad to see representatives your Universities among the participants of the XIII International Law Competition "Youth for Peace".

Call for TEACHERS to the 2018 SAIL (Sustainability Applied in International Learning) Summer conference for students, on-board tall ship Fryderyk Chopin

The SAIL (Sustainability Applied in International Learning) Summer conference is an undergraduate educational activity at basic level arranged by the Baltic University Programme and conducted at sea on-board the tall ship Fryderyk Chopin. On the SAIL 2018 course, 30 places are available for students and 8 for teachers coming from member and/or participating universities of the Baltic University Programme (BUP).

The SAIL Summer conference is focused on sustainability topics from different perspectives and based on the United Nations Sustainable Development 17 Goals, such as:

  • Climate change
  • Geography
  • Engineering
  • Economy
  • Social science/Political Science
  • Biology/Marine science
  • Public health
  • And others…

 We are now looking for motivated teachers coming from different disciplines covering aspects of sustainability in a broad sense, thus creating an inter-disciplinary and international learning environment, which can introduce students in complex issues related to sustainability. We are looking for teachers who are interested in trying something new, combining tall ship sailing with an unconventional teaching environment, which is extra-ordinary but can be both physically and mentally demanding. The teachers are expected to prepare and plan the content of the conference program beforehand. As English is the spoken language of the conference, applying teachers are expected to have an excellent level of English skills.

 The SAIL 2018 Summer conference will start on 4th September in Szczecin, Poland, sail via Visby, Gotland, to end on 18th of September in Stavanger, Norway. We will be sailing on the Polish tall ship “Fryderyk Chopin”. The SAIL coordinator and BUP secretariat will decide on the exact sailing route in close collaboration with representatives of Fryderyk Chopin.

 All extra costs associated with the SAIL planning meetings and sailing, including travels, food, accommodation, will be covered by BUP. Please notice however that salary and allowance costs will not be covered.

 The SAIL Summer conference content is based on the participating teachers’ areas of competences and experiences. This means that each year the SAIL conference will be somewhat different with focus on different thematic areas of sustainability. The outcome of the conference relies heavily on the commitment of the teachers’ team and their combined competences. The teachers will be supported by an experienced SAIL coordinator in the planning and execution of the conference, which also will be on-board for the whole cruise. It is our experience that the teacher must interact extensively in the planning phase of the conference. A planning meeting (2 full days) is preliminary scheduled for the first week in May.

Although not required, it is recommended that successful applicants also participate in the BUP Teachers’ SAIL 2018, 4th to 11th of July from Gothenburg (Sweden) to Sunderland (England), to jointly finalize the planning of the conference, and at the same time get to know each other, the sailing vessel, and life on-board a tall ship. Please state in your application whether or not you intend to participate in the Teacher¹s SAIL 2018.

IMPORTANT. Before preparing your application, please be aware and consider the special nature of the conference, both in terms of planning (short preparation time with teachers which you most likely have not met before), and teaching environment (a tall ship). You should be aware that sailing a tall ship is physically demanding. Our experience is that you will be physically exhausted, deprived of sleep, and definitively out from your normal comfort zone. You will be living very close to many new people in a very restricted space. We should also mention that you may experience seasickness, which can be a rather unpleasant experience.

 Be aware as well that on board the sailing ship, all students and teachers will act as a working crew. You will be divided into one of three watches that will be assigned 4 hours rotating duties (navigation, deck, and kitchen) - around-the clock! Please keep in mind that in spite of the weather conditions, and in spite of your condition, you should participate in your watch duties. You should also be aware that sailing a tall ship means pulling lines, climbing masts to set and haul sails in the old-day fashion. Fryderyk Chopin is a Brigg-rigged tall ship with two 38 m high masts, which need to be climbed! Students and teachers are expected to work together in the watches to fulfil their sailing duties, which in our experience is an excellent tool for team building and to create a dynamic learning environment. Moreover, as crew member you must also do other duties on-board, in addition to your sailing and teaching duties. This includes cleaning, cooking meals, washing dishes, and maintenance work.

Despite these words of warnings, or perhaps because of them, we can promise you extraordinary new experiences filled with feelings of togetherness and teamwork, meeting with new friends, being close to nature, and in the hands of the powerful forces of nature and exploring places you never been to before. You will be part of a teachers’ team creating a unique activity and feel the joy of being a part of a truly stimulating learning environment with enthusiastic students (the conference is very popular; each year the number of applicant students exceeds by far the number of available places). And not the least: you will explore yourself and push your limits to new levels.

 We sincerely hope that you will be interested to join us on-board! We welcome BUP teachers from both members and participating universities to apply! Please notice that you do not need to have any sailing experiences – during those two weeks, you will learn to SAIL too!

Applications and conditions of acceptance

We are looking for experienced teachers with specialization in any topics related to sustainability, preferably with PhD degree, and documented pedagogical skills. Please keep in mind that we expect all applying teachers to have an excellent level of English skills.

Required documents (please save all documents with your name):

  • Motivation letter (1 page)
  • Curriculum Vitae (max 2 pages, including max five publications)
  • Short biography (one page)
  • Description of your planned teaching contribution to the SAIL 2018 Summer conference. Innovative ideas on the content, teaching methods, or other activities (social included) on-board are welcome (max 1 page)
  • Health statement (in attachments, please be aware that you will be asked to have your family doctor, or similar, confirmation on it in case your application will be accepted)
  • Optional: A short, 5-10 minutes, recorded movie from any of your lectures or similar teaching activities (in English).

Applications should be sent to Maria Hejna (maria.hejna@csduppsala.uu.se) no later than 18 March 2018. 

Please find in attachments more information concerning the SAIL project (for more information, please have a look at: http://www.balticuniv.uu.se/sail/).

The BUP Small Grants Programme

It is our pleasure to announce the Small Research Grant 2016 within the Baltic University Programme. The grant is intended to support and promote sustainability research and innovation among students and young scholars from BUP member universities.

The Small Grants Programme intends to strengthen BUP profile as a platform for promoting innovative ideas in environmental research, with a special focus on creative implementations of sustainable development. The grant winners will be invited to present their projects at a BUP conference, as an opportunity to disseminate their ideas and create intra-network cooperation.


The Small Grants Programme is open to undergraduate, master and PhD students from all BUP member universities;

The applications can be made for the funding of new research projects (in whole or in part), or as a financial contribution to ongoing ones;

Applicants representing any discipline are welcome to apply;

The proposed research project needs to be directly connected to the field of sustainable development.

The Grants

A limited number of grants will be awarded to a maximum value of €3000 each. The proposed projects will be assessed by a Baltic University Scientific Committee according to the following criteria.

Originality: The degree to which a proposed project is pointing to new, original ideas in sustainability; grasping and developing the concept of sustainable development in unique and unexpected directions;

Budget feasibility and viability of the project plan;

Although interdisciplinarity is not a strict requirement, projects deemed to have a potential of crossing traditional disciplinary boundaries, especially the division line between social and natural science and technology will attract special attention in the evaluation;

Co-operation with other partners in the Baltic Sea region will be regarded as an advantage.

Application Procedure

The call for applications opens on now. The final deadline for applications is 4 July 2016.

The project coordinator making the application is to fill out the Application Form (available on the  BUP website or from the BUP Secretariat). The signed application form including all attachments is to be scanned and sent electronically to Lyudmyla Babak (lyudmyla.babak@csduppsala.uu.se) at the BUP Secretariat no later than 4 July 2016. The signed original of the application form is to be sent by post, marked:

Baltic University Programme Secretariat – Small Grants

Villavägen 16

SE-752 36 Uppsala


The annual international scientific conference devoted to the 50th Anniversary of the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management in Riga

Here bellow is the information for you and your students to visit Riga and participate at conference with publication in a scientific journal. Participation is free of charge.

The Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management of Riga Technical University within RTU 57thInternational Scientific Conference is arranging the annual international scientific conference devoted to the 50th Anniversary of the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management in Riga on 29-30 September 2016. Academic staffs of universities, doctoral students, researchers, as well as entrepreneurs are welcomed to participate in the conference. The working language of the conference is English and Latvian.

Information about the conference is available online: http://ievf.rtu.lv/en/content/view/2731/1642/lang,lv/

Important dates and conference pre-schedule:

Submission of the abstracts and registration: September 3, 2016,

Acceptance of abstracts and conference programme: September 20, 2016,

Submission of full papers  after presentation of the research results in conference but not later than  October 16, 2016,

Plenary session: September 29, 2016, 14.00, at RTU (place TBC on later stage), Riga,

Parallel sessions according to the programme: September 30, 2016, 9.00-18.00.

За інформацією Посольства Китайської Народної Республіки в Україні, Міністерство комерції КНР запрошує представників України взяти участь у навчальних програмах для отримання ступенів магістра (Master) та докторанта (PhD).

Пакети документів у паперовому вигляді подати до департаменту координації міжнародних програм Мінекономрозвитку не пізніше 31.05.2016

Детальна інформація на сайті: http://www.me.gov.ua/Documents/Detail?lang=uk-UA&id=71a0ad2a-bffd-4d44-b...

Американська Рада з міжнародної освіти пропонує прийняти участь у програмі, розраховану на науковців з України, Молдови, Білорусі, Грузії та Росії. Дедлайн – 30 квітня 2016 р. Форму заяви та умови участі знайдете у вкладці ''Documents"

на сайті:http://www.americancouncils.org/programs/carnegie-research-fellowship-pr...

Відділ культури та співробітництва Посольства Франції в Україні

Короткострокові наукові стипендії мають подвійну мету: по-перше, допомогти в мобільності молодим вченим та аспірантам, наукова діяльність яких вимагає проведення досліджень та/чи отримання додаткової фахової освіти у Франції на період від одного до двох місяців, а по-друге, є інструментом підтримки та динамізації співробітництва між французькими та українськими науковими закладами.
Інформація щодо стипендії:
Стипендія на навчання 3-го рівня відповідає сумі 1.060 євро щомісячно керується асоціацією EGIDE (www.egide.asso.fr). Цей тип стипендії включає до себе покриття соціального страхування, відшкодування витрат на переїзд Париж – місце призначення –Париж, купівля книг на суму не більшу ніж 120 євро. Стипендіат самостійно оплачує подорож між двома країнами.
Умови надання стипендії:
- мати українське громадянство
- навчатися в аспірантурі чи докторантурі (в тому числі пошукувачі)
- мати науковий проект у рамках існуючого чи тільки-но створеного співробітництва між освітнім та /чи науковим закладами Франції та України
- не мати іншої стипендії для навчання у Франції та не бути переможцем даного конкурсу впродовж останніх 2 років
Критерії відбору:
Документи розглядаються Виборчою комісією, яка братиме до уваги наступні критерії:
- високий освітній рівень кандидата та якість наукового проекту
- доцільність стажування у Франції по відношенню до даного наукового проекту
- внесок даного стажування в розвиток французько-українського співробітництва
Підготовка документів на участь:
Пакет документів кандидата містить:
- резюме
- науковий проект (1 - 2 сторінки)
- лист підтримки від свого навчального закладу (українського)
- лист запрошення від французького навчального закладу
Документи мають бути подані французькою чи англійською мовами та надіслані по електронній пошті.
Календар проведення конкурсів:
Щороку проводиться два конкурси:
«Весняний конкурс»:
Повний пакет документів необхідно надіслати до 15 лютого для здійснення стажування у період з 15 березня по 31 серпня поточного року.
«Осінній конкурс»:
Повний пакет документів необхідно надіслати до 15 липня для здійснення стажування у період з 1 жовтня по 31 грудня поточного року.
Обов`язки учасника:
У відповідь на запропоновану допомогу Посольство Франції вимагатиме у стипендіатів підготувати письмовий звіт про проведені наукові дослідження, а також пропозиції щодо можливого розвитку співробітництва, в рамках якого відбулося стажування.
Лауреати заохочуються також до вступу в Українську асоціацію випускників французьких освітніх програм (AUDESF - www.audesf.org.ua)

Оксана Ландо
Координатор стипендій
Центр наукового та університетського співробітництва
тел.: + 380 44 239 33 79 / 31 36 / 482 23 71
факс: + 380 44 590 36 40 / 239 31 36
електронна пошта: cfucus@gmail.com